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10 Things You Can Do for Student Press Freedom

Looking for ways to get involved this Student Press Freedom Day? Here are 10 easy ways to take action and make a difference!

Two students interview Mary Beth Tinker.

Join SPFD Events

Learn tangible skills, hear from seasoned experts and get the chance to ask your most pressing questions during this year’s line up of workshops and community forums.

Draft an Op-Ed for Your Daily Newspaper

We need your help reaching communities around the country with op-eds about the importance of protecting student press freedom. Check out the recording of our “Op-Ed Crash Course” to learn from veteran CNN & New York Times Journalist Steven A. Holmes about how to craft and place an op-ed about student press freedom. Then, check out our Talking Points for ideas to get you started.

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Post on social media

Spread the word about Student Press Freedom Day on your personal and official publication accounts. Get creative: go live on Instagram answering questions about your coverage, make a TikTok about your experience being censored, write a Twitter thread about how your coverage led to direct change at your school. Make sure to use #StudentPressFreedom in all your posts!

Get involved in New Voices

Does your state have a law protecting student press freedom? Learn more and get involved here:

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