10 Things You Can Do for Student Press Freedom

Think Local. Learn about the State of Student Press Freedom Where You Live, and what actions you can take in your community when you Unmute Yourself

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Share Your Opinion. Op-eds have the power to change hearts and minds, so why not draft one? Every day is a good day to tell your community why student press freedom matters to you, and should matter to everyone. Check out these talking points to spur your creative juices.

Take the Quiz. Do you know when you are engaging in self-censorship? Are you sure? Test your knowledge with our quiz, share with your newsroom, and learn how to better identify and resist self-censorship.

Recruit the Professionals. Professional journalists understand what’s at stake when it comes to press freedom, but they may not be aware of the challenges you and other student journalists face in telling your stories. Reach out to some local journalists you admire and let them know their voices are needed for #studentpressfreedom. 

Grow the Movement. Student journalism doesn’t get the love it deserves. Make a short video clip and share it on social media, letting friends know why student journalists are so important in your community, why #studentpressfreedom matters, and how they can help.

Get Trained to Be a Passionate, Persuasive Advocate! The New Voices Summer Institute is a free, four-day program for high school students to develop their leadership and organizing skills, expand their role as leaders within the New Voices movement, and identify a strategy that could be instrumental in your state’s New Voices efforts. This program is for students from states WITHOUT New Voices laws by September 2022. Sign up today to get notified when the Summer 2022 dates are finalized and the application is available.

Share Your Censorship Story. SPLC support student journalists when they face censorship. For a number of reasons, student censorship often goes unreported. It’s still critical for us to know what your newsroom is facing, even if it’s no longer an active issue. Take our censorship survey, unmute yourself, and share your challenges with us.  

Plan your own Student Press Freedom Day activity. Get creative! Whether it’s hosting an event, publishing an op-ed, phone banking, posting TikToks, or making fun playlists, make your voice heard! And let us know what you’re planning so we can support you.