February 23, 2023

Join us for the fifth annual Student Press Freedom Day on Feb. 23, 2023, as student journalists across the United States raise awareness of the challenges they face, celebrate their contributions to their schools and communities, and take actions to protect and restore their First Amendment freedoms.

We’re excited to announce the theme for Student Press Freedom Day 2023 is “Bold Journalism & Brave Advocacy.”

Participate in expert-led training workshops, an op-ed coaching program, student-led community forums, and a letter writing party on behalf of New Voices. Or get creative and plan your own Student Press Freedom Day activities! Your involvement is what makes the day truly impactful.

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Join Our Events

Student Press
Freedom 101

How much do you know about student press freedom? Come learn from the experts about the court cases, advocacy and history that led us to our current climate.

Dec. 1 @ 7:30 p.m. ET

How to Be a Spokesperson for Student Press Freedom

Telling your personal story is a crucial skill for advocates. In this workshop you’ll learn techniques and get to practice with your peers.

Jan. 12 @ 7:30 p.m. ET

Op-Ed Boot Camp

Learn from one of the best in the business —Steven A. Holmes — about how to craft and place an op-ed for Student Press Freedom Day.

Jan. 19 @ 7:30 p.m. ET


About the Student Press Law Center

SPLC promotes, supports and defends the First Amendment and free press rights of student journalists and their advisers. We offer a free legal hotline for student journalists as well as training, online resources and nonpartisan legislative advocacy to restore student press freedom.

Use #StudentPressFreedom

Student journalists, how much do you know about #studentpressfreedom? Join us on Thursday to learn from SPLC Senior Legal Counsel Mike Hiestand about the court cases, advocacy and history that led us to our current climate. https://bit.ly/SPF101Registration

One highlight so far from today’s ⁦@nationalJEA⁩ ⁦board meeting: Issuing a commendation for Cyndi Crothers-Hyatt for her leadership in scholastic journalism. @worddoct knows what a strong advocate for #StudentPressFreedom Cyndi has been!⁩ ⁦@PASchoolPress⁩

Fantastic opportunity for college students to support #StudentPressFreedom using their leadership and journalistic skills in a paid short-term @SPLC role. Hey, #JEA — Talk to your recent grads! https://splc.org/2022/09/seeking-student-press-freedom-day-student-co-chairs/

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About Student Press Freedom Day

Have you been censored? Do you have questions about media law for student journalists? Contact the Student Press Law Center’s free hotline for assistance. We answer every query.

Take the Self-Censorship Quiz

You can’t fight self-censorship if you can’t recognize it. Unfortunately, many of the students who share their stories of self-censorship with SPLC indicate that they didn’t know they were engaged in self-censorship at the time. Take our quiz to see how well you can spot and resist self-censorsing.

Our Partners

The Student Press Law Center is proud to partner with a strong array of First Amendment, educational, legal and journalistic organizations to bring you Student Press Freedom Day! More information coming soon about 2023 Partners.