February 24, 2022

Student Press Freedom Day (Feb. 24, 2022) is a national day of action when student journalists in the United States raise awareness of the challenges they face, celebrate their contributions to their schools and communities, and take actions to protect and restore their First Amendment freedoms.

Student journalists must be empowered to tell the stories most important to their communities, free from overt censorship, and able to withstand the pressures that lead to self-censorship. That’s why the theme for Student Press Freedom Day 2022 is ‘Unmute Yourself!’

Join us for a series of events, trainings and community building opportunities designed to uplift student journalists’ voices and prepare them to fight for press freedom. Start planning how you’ll celebrate Student Press Freedom Day on Feb. 24, 2022.

Are you ready to unmute yourself?

Boot Camp Workshops:

Using Social Media as a Journalist & an Advocate

Op-Ed Crash Course

Responding to Press Freedom Threats Through Advocacy

How to Tell Your Story and be a Spokesperson for Student Press Freedom



Whether you’re hosting an event, partnering on Student Press Freedom Day, or just want to share information with your students, check out the official Student Press Freedom Day Toolkit. You’ll find the SPFD logo, social media copy, emails and more.

Use #StudentPressFreedom

On #WorldPressFreedomDay we can use our voices as educators to show the essential nature of our work. #AmericaNeedsJournalists More than ever, we need facts and reliable sources of information. We need press freedom — protection for journalists at every level #StudentPressFreedom


Check out this informative article for more information about what is happening with the Student Free Speech Act! @TullyCenter #studentpressfreedom

In honor of #StudentPressFreedom Day, @sejorg invites #highschool & #college #students to enter its Student Op-Ed Contest: Unmuting the Student Press on #Climate and #EnvironmentalJustice Issues. Deadline: April 8 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Spread the word. https://buff.ly/3I4xG8B

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About Student Press Freedom Day

Have you been censored? Do you have questions about media law for student journalists? Contact the Student Press Law Center’s free hotline for assistance. We answer every query.

Take the Self-Censorship Quiz

You can’t fight self-censorship if you can’t recognize it. Unfortunately, many of the students who share their stories of self-censorship with SPLC indicate that they didn’t know they were engaged in self-censorship at the time. Take our quiz to see how well you can spot and resist self-censorsing.

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