February 26, 2021

Feb. 26 marked Student Press Freedom Day 2021: Journalism Against the Odds. Weeks of events, new resources and community building activities culminated on that day with overwhelming nationwide support for a free student press. Students and advisers from all over the country joined together with SPLC and 20 partner organizations

We hope you’re feeling energized and inspired, let’s use this momentum to push for student press freedom in all 50 states:

Take Action for Student Press Freedom

Feb. 25 — Student Journalism Forum

8 p.m. ET via Zoom

Join other student journalists from across the country for a town hall conversation on what student press freedom means to you, what you overcame in the past year, and what you can do to strengthen student press freedom moving forward.

Feb. 25 -27 — Screen the Documentary “Raise Your Voice”

From February 25-27, production company GoodDocs and Maribeth Romslo, the documentary filmmaker behind Raise Your Voice, will be generously making her film available for streaming by the student press community, in honor of Student Press Freedom Day. The film follows the student journalists at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as they navigate their school mass shooting as both survivors and journalists. Every person who wants to watch the movie must register. We encourage you to host a screening with your newsroom, or join SPLC staff as we watch on Friday, Feb. 26th at 12:30 p.m.

Feb. 4 — Op-Ed Boot Camp

In preparation for Student Press Freedom Day 2021 (Feb. 26), veteran journalist Steven A. Holmes led a workshop for students giving them guidance on how to craft and pitch op-eds. Check out the full recording now:

Feb. 17 – Press Briefing

The Student Press Law Center released a white paper chronicling our findings regarding the censorship and intimidation challenges student journalists faced over the past year. Then, we held a press briefing on Feb. 17th, to go over these findings and answer questions for news media.

Student Journalism: Understanding the Challenges

21 Excellent Stories of Student Journalism Against the Odds

New White Paper on Censorship of Student Journalism in 2020:

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History of Student Press Freedom Day

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